In our blog entitled Sorting Through the Internet of Things with the MakePad we explained that the IoT is about “connecting computers, electronic devices, appliances, absolutely anything really, by way of the Internet” and that “the goal is to facilitate instantaneous back and forward communication between devices and users, and that this information can be used for some beneficial purpose.” And with more than 24 billion IoT devices set to be in operation across the globe by 2020, the IoT will undoubtedly impact society in many ways in the years to come.
The IoT to Impact Business and Industry

The IoT holds out the prospect of more effective, data driven decisions for businesses. Firstly, this will affect how businesses market to consumers by offering convenient tracking of their habits and interactions. Secondly, it will enable quick and easy monitoring of a company’s systems. Thirdly, the IoT offers new levels of expediency and enables business owners to identify “holes in the pocket” — areas of the process where money is being wasted, particularly regarding ongoing running and energy costs.

According to the International Organization for Standardization, the impact on manufacturing will also be significant. “IoT connects the factory to a whole new range of smart manufacturing solutions, which run around the production. The dramatic improvements in production and cost reduction are projected to generate billions in revenue growth and productivity over the next decade.”

The IoT to Impact Lifestyle

The impact that the IoT is having, and will have, in our daily lives is noteworthy. As Mihai Andrei of ZME Science explains, “so much of our lives are intertwined and connected in some sort of way as an effort to make our lives easier”. This trend will only continue.

From tuning our cars, monitoring our health and wellbeing, managing our household consumption, tracking our personal day to day decisions and habits, to surveying our performance at work, there is no end to the impact of the IoT on our lives. It will also have a significant impact on the way we socialize and interact with others, especially due to the growth and influence of social media.

The IoT to Impact Education

The IoT is already having a large impact on education. According to an article by EdTech, “smart schools are using IoT technology to track school buses, attendance and student ID cards, and to monitor lighting and security systems, among other things.”

Indeed, the IoT will continue to be used to track student movements, behavior, and engagement, in order to improve student learning and ensure their safety. In addition, the IoT will enable teachers to do their jobs better, by using technology to make routine practices more efficient. Of course, the IoT also facilitates access to high quality and real-world learning resources.

The MakePad and the IoT

The MakePad is indeed one of those 24 million IoT devices mentioned at the outset. However, we want kids to be more than just consumers of the IoT. We want them to understand it on a fundamental level. As we stated in a previous post, the MakePad “will enable kids to engage with the IoT in ways they never thought possible… The MakePad is designed to teach kids coding and, in turn, develop in them a deep understanding of how the IoT really works.”

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