Why should you study Computer Engineering, Computer Science or IT?

It can be difficult for students (and their families) to ascertain exactly what to study at university after leaving school. There are certainly many options available, and what each university offers differs immensely. However, in this article we’ll hone in on three main bachelor’s degree types — computer science, computer engineering and information technology — and some of the employment opportunities associated with each course.

What’s the Difference Between Computer Science, Computer Engineering and IT?

An article by King University summarises it this way: “Computer engineers design and build computers. Computer scientists design and develop computer programs, software, and applications. IT professionals then use and troubleshoot those programs, software, and applications.” It is also important to know that, computer science, computer engineering, and IT oftentimes overlap. However, each undergraduate course will have a slightly different focus.

A Degree in Computer Engineering

A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, such as this one offered by West Virginia University, will enable students to “design, develop, test, and oversee the manufacture and maintenance of embedded computer hardware and software,” and “produce graduates who will apply their knowledge and skills to achieve success in their careers.” A typical job for a computer engineer would involve computer and electronic product design and development, with a typical annual salary of 108,000 to 118,000 USD.

A Degree in Computer Science

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, sometimes known as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, is another excellent option. An example of this type of degree can be found here (Georgia Tech). According to the article by Kings University, cited earlier, “Computer science is a rapidly growing field and is expected to see large increases in employment opportunities.” These opportunities are in fields such as application and software developing (median salary 98,000 USD), systems engineering (77,000 USD), and web developing (65,000 USD).

A Degree in Information Technology

A bachelor’s degree in information technology (IT), sometimes known as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, is also an option. If you would like to an example of a suchlike degree, click here (University of Missouri). Employment opportunities include; information security analyst, network architect, computer support specialist, database administrator and systems administrator, with a typical annual salary of between 50,000 and 100,000 USD.

The MakePad — An Excellent Foundation

Computing related jobs makes up two-thirds of projected new jobs in STEM. Furthermore, there will be one million more jobs than computer science students by 2020. Indeed, there are many opportunities available to students, and the job market is overflowing with high paying computer science career paths.

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