Sorting Through the ‘Internet of Things’ with the MakePad

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is certainly a buzz phrase. However, the term itself is rather ambiguous and leaves us guessing as to what it means. In a strange way, however, there really isn’t another way to describe it.

Essentially, it’s about connecting computers, electronic devices, appliances, absolutely anything really, by way of the Internet. This could include anything from mobile phones, whitegoods, headphones to jet engines— as long as it can collect and transmit useful or important information. The goal is to facilitate instantaneous back and forward communication between devices and users, and that this information can be used for some beneficial purpose.

Why is Everyone Talking About the Internet of Things?

According to Business Insider, there will be more than 24 billion IoT devices on Earth by 2020. That’s about four devices for every human being on the planet. Certainly, IoT will impact our lives significantly, if it hasn’t done so already.

The uses for the information collected on the IoT is vast. From the management of smart cities, to control of our household gadgets, from automated text messages when you run out of bread and milk, to controlling the temperature in your office; sky’s the limit. Indeed, this open trade of information can benefit users in a number of ways. Just think of any situation where you would appreciate some forewarning. Now, imagine having all that at your fingertips, whether it be on your phone or your car’s inbuilt computer system.

An article that appeared in WIRED, gave an example where the IoT could save lives. The article related that in 2007, a bridge collapsed in Minnesota, killing many people. The collapse was due to weakened steel plates in the bridge’s structure that were not strong enough to take the load.

A possible solution? The article continued, “When we rebuild bridges, we can use smart cement: cement equipped with sensors to monitor stresses, cracks, and warpages. This cement alerts us to fix problems before they cause a catastrophe.” The IoT would make all this possible.

MakePi and the Internet of Things

Here at MakePi, one of our goals is to improve the current state of computer science by providing an excellent learning resource— the MakePad. This awesome device will enable kids to engage with the IoT in ways they never thought possible. Really, coding is the fundamental language of the IoT. The MakePad is designed to teach kids coding and, in turn, develop in them a deep understanding of how the IoT really works.

The MakePad will be available on a crowdfunding platform soon. We encourage you to get on board and revolutionize the way kids interact with the IoT! Visit to join us.

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