Parents and caregivers play an important role in shaping a child’s early experiences in STEM. According to the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), “parents who encourage the daily use of science concepts and process skills to enhance their child’s ability to learn the skills necessary for success.”

If you are parent or caregiver trying to improve your child’s learning in STEM, however, you may at times feel overwhelmed, afraid and totally out of your depth. And sadly, as the University of Chicago’s Early Childhood STEM Working Group relates, “too often, parents lack the knowledge or confidence to support children’s early STEM education.”

Given the important role the parents play in a child’s education, this needs to be addressed. And in part, it will require systemic change. However, there are some simple things a parent can do.

Tips for Encouraging Your Child’s Curiosity, and Enhanced Learning, in STEM

MiddleWeb offers some excellent suggestions as to how to encourage your child’s curiosity, and learning, in STEM. They are: (1) be alert for opportunities to talk with your child about STEM-related topics, (2) encourage curiosity and questioning, (3) view science and technology TV and videos with your child, (4) make your home a STEM-friendly place, (5) organize groups of kids to participate in a STEM related club, (6) promote cooperation and teamwork, (7) search out STEM-related recreational activities, (8) stay in touch with your teacher and offer to help with STEM activities at school, (9) direct your child to quality websites for information, and fun STEM related activities and, (10) display curiosity about things you see and show your own interest in learning.

Of course, those involved in delivering STEM education need to do their bit and meet parents halfway.

We Need to Support Parents, Caregivers and Family Members

The University of Chicago’s Early Childhood STEM Working Group made six recommendations aimed improving early STEM education. Interestingly, recommendation three is as follows:

“Establish initiatives, resources, and supports that promote parents’ and families’ involvement and engagement in their young children’s STEM education.”

In light of this, many companies and stakeholder in education are looking for ways they can support collaborative home learning in STEM, and facilitate the involvement of parents in the learning process. MakePi is one of those companies.

The MakePad Offers Support and Opportunities for Collaborative Learning

Here at MakePi, we want to support families in their quest to improve STEM education for their children. Our MakePad was designed with this in mind. We wanted it to be as hands-on as possible, and facilitate collaborative learning in coding and computer science.

The MakePad also works beautifully in harmony with the suggestions above. The MakePad will indeed encourage curiosity and questioning, make your home a STEM-friendly place, promote cooperation and teamwork and allow parents to show their own interest in learning.

Why? Because the MakePad is completely DIY, interactive, and designed for collaborative learning. Parents can be actively involved in the learning process from start to finish; no prior knowledge or expertise required. In essence, you’ll be learning to code with your child.

Allow us to support you in your quest to learn with your child and improve their STEM education by signing up here. With your support, we’re all set for a February 2018 release. You’ll also receive a 40 percent early bird discount if you sign up now. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see what we’re up to!


MakePi is an EdTech Hardware startup that develops STEM products to inspire and empower learners, makers and educators. Prepare your child for a creative future in technology!

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