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Computers Are Here to Stay

A famous IBM slogan reads: “Computers help people help people.”

Unquestionably, a well-crafted slogan, one that encapsulates the impact of computers on people’s lives. Indeed, since the production of ENIAC in the mid 1940’s, computer technology has come along in leaps and bounds, assisting many around the world in many different ways.

On reflection, however, that slogan is a little limited in its scope. Really, computers have helped us to do more than just help people. They have revolutionized the way we communicate, interact and study the world around us.

Children are now, more than ever, turning to computers to learn. From interactive lesson to videos, from games to simulations, children are delving into a range of different subjects. Some are even diving deep into the ‘nitty gritty’ – coding, or programming.

Programming Allows Students to Be More Creative Than Ever

A recent article published by Yahoo Finance states, “programming gives the base to be extremely creative, provide the ability to build paths and solutions and motivates children, to not only simply interact with technology, but create and express oneself in new ways.”

In addition to fun, creative projects, programming is a skill that will enable students to apply their trade in many creative jobs. In fact, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Bosh are among those campaigning for more programmers. And with little wonder…

According to the US Department of Education, for example, there will be a 32% increase in the need for Systems Software Developers, and a 22% increase in the need for Computer Systems Analysts by the year 2020. Really, sky’s the limit to the awesome employment opportunities available in computing.

Are Schools Capitalizing on This Potential?

With computing’s inherent power to engage, stimulate inquiry and be an outlet for creativity, many wonder if schools are capitalizing on this with their STEM education programs and curriculum.

It would appear not. The article published by Yahoo Finance, cited earlier, highlighted that less than 40% of the schools in the US teach digital competencies.

It may well be that, for many educators, teaching computing and in particular coding, is unfamiliar territory. This makes them nervous and anxious about teaching computing to their children.

Let the ‘MakePad’ Take Care of It

Whether your school has an exceptional computing educational program or not, it would be beneficial to supplement a child’s learning in STEM with some additional learning resources.

Let MakePi’s ‘MakePad’ enhance your child’s learning experience. The ‘MakePad’ allows kids to learn how to code, create digital music, develop games, apps, and more.

Without a doubt, this marvellous resource will allow your child to do a lot MORE than help people. It will help them to explore their creativity, have fun, and learn.

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MakePi is an EdTech Hardware startup that develops STEM products to inspire and empower learners, makers and educators. Prepare your child for a creative future in technology!

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